How do I buy the art?


When art is to be purchased by

buyers or collectors,

we contact the artist and review the price

set by the buyer.

You buy art by entering the name and info of

the artwork.

Then we get in touch smoothly for the customer's

best purchase deal.

Why we don't have a shopping basket?

To make personal contact to have

the best tableware and contact

all the way with

the customer.

Ship worldwide?

We ship works of art to the customer with a secure company within delivery.

The customer can follow the entire delivery journey.

From the gallery's door to the customer's door.

Each step is shown in message

tracking number.

(The customer pays for shipping costs outside of Stockholm, Sweden)

(Free shipping in Stockholm, Sweden)


We are involved throughout the entire process,


Our gallery extends with art to the whole world.

They buy and even invest in art with real value.

Safe with payment with allcustomers

from the gallery.

Or payments with  invoice.