A Family company with contemporary art in Stockholm

We know that good art

leads to a good lifestyle

A work of art is more than you think.

Emotions are guided and present throughout the entire process from

the start until the art journey will get

out of the artist's studio begins.

From the artist who creates the work to a gallerist taking it in and then the customer gets the feeling and falls

for the art.

There is a good bond between everyone involved in the whole thing.

Long-term partner - artists - collectors.

The Lienhart Family

The gallery is owned and runs by father and daughter.

Hanna and Patrik Lienhart.

Great interest in art.

The gallery was founded by Hanna Lienhart & Patrik  in 2022.

At the gallery, artists display art such as painting, photography, drawing, sculpture and installation.

It represents for:

Swedish and international

How it all started

The family company started with the artist

Patrik Lienhart from Sweden and Switzerland  having art in the family.

His father's family were architects, artists and had their own old printing studio

in their property in Zurich.

Hanna, daughter of Patrik.

She is interested in art and design. Both take this seriously in order make all

the customers happy. But also the artists who must be able to

be seen with their art.

We sell to  art collectors and also private homes and companies.

So they can invest in art with quality

in the art world.

Our Mission

We are interested in art and move in these circles. At events and fairs and always making new contacts to scale up our business. We want artist and customer all the best for the best opportunities.

Always open to contact via email.

There, customers can send questions and we also often have taste advice and discussions with buyers who want support.

Art is life when you find the right one. It brings happiness and joy in life and decorates the wall beautifully.

The art and the artist are always valuable and build on their value over time.