Buying art at


Art buyers / collctors buy on request through the gallerist on the website or visit the gallery in person through the gallerist.

When you buy art from GALLERY LIENHART,

they are carefully curated by gallerists who are in good contact with the artists.

The artist is informed through the gallerist that the artwork has been sold where the price is not mentioned to the artist unless they are settled in another way between the customer and the artist.

We stand for getting art out to customers who want to buy unique works by Swedish artists as well as international artists. All information about artists can be found on `artists ´ in the menu to click on to read about the artists. Where you choose specifically the one you want to know more about.

To see the artists work of art, click on `all available artworks ´on the menu where you will find all the information from:

Name of artwork


Size  of artwork


Fine art print / limited edition


The price of the artworks is listed below the artworks. If it presumably doesn't,

it's fine to send a price request to the gallerist.

Gallerist will brings the bid to the artist and return with

an response to the buyer.

Safe payment:

When a client decides to buy art from the gallery,

we have two payment options.


The invoice can be sent to the client's email.

Card payment

Partial payment, Account credit and Direct payment

via bank.

This is done in the gallery.

  • Invoice
  • Card payment

We do KLARNA if the customer prefers*


We ship out work of arts from the gallery.

Then we will deliver the artworks within 14 days. It may also happen that the artwork

arrives earlier.

We recommend that you pick up your artwork in the gallery for the safest possible choice as postal delivery can be risky.

We let the client get a tracking link via the phone number that is specified in the words that the client puts through the website.

The gallery can also ship works of art to the client if the address is in the

area of ​​Stokholm, Sweden.




Questions to gallerist?

Hanna Lienhart

+46(0)70 - 041 56 56